How to Build Your No-Regrets CV Strategy

    CV program leaders today face the significant challenge of growing the business while also meeting the increasing demands of a value-based market. With growing expectations from the C-suite, payers, physicians, and patient consumers, it can be difficult to prioritize, especially when the political landscape for health care is more uncertain than ever.

    Amid this uncertainty, CV programs must focus on no-regrets strategic priorities that will meet current revenue expectations while still building a foundation for success under value-based care.

    Regulations come and go, and while chasing after each metric that comes down the line (from 30-day heart failure readmissions to 90-day CABG bundles) may succeed in the short term, this reactive strategy will not set you up for success in the long term.

    Instead, programs need to build a foundation now to prepare for increasing accountability for long-term care value.

    In these articles, our cardiovascular experts provide insights into where CV leaders should be focusing their efforts to build a successful CV strategy in this complex health care environment.

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