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Welcome to Survey Solutions Physician Engagement online—your source for the latest and greatest research, expert commentary, events, tools, and more. is the best way to get value from your membership, so you'll want to get acquainted with our site and learn to take full advantage of all it has to offer. My team compiled the tips below to help you do just that. Ready to get started?

First, create your account

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Then catch up on these popular resources

You have access to all of our top resources on physician engagement, including these member favorites: our infographics about engagement across vital service lines and effective action planning.

We also recommend checking out this communication strategy toolkit to get tips on how to promote and brand your physician survey to increase response rate—make sure to share it with your marketing and physician relations teams so they have access to sample communications.

Additionally, if you're confused about who in your organization should action plan, and which topics action plans should cover, explore our physician engagement action planning structure toolkit to learn more about different action planning structures to help you determine how to allocate resources at your organization.

Finally, you can view this framework for acting on Advisory Board Survey Solutions results to get our recommended action plan, complete with side-by-side steps for your team and ours.

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