Creating common vocabulary and culture

Beyond developing individual leadership capacity, executives can use Leader Development efforts to build a strong culture of leadership throughout the organization. Benefit from our decade of experience helping organizations drive culture change.

How We Help

Whole-house, flexible solutions

We have expertise working with health care leaders at all levels and across all disciplines, and a faculty and curriculum that easily flexes to meet the needs of any audience. As a result, we can craft a universal development plan that brings all leaders together for shared learning or one that provides more targeted learning experiences to different constituencies across the house.

In either case, we have the resources and experience to design and deliver a comprehensive leader development program for all your leaders.

Common message and approach

Although we tailor our teaching to every audience, the underlying principles and insights remain consistent regardless of audience. For example, we teach our data-driven decision-making workshop to executive audiences, to physicians, to managers, and to frontline nurses.

The context, the examples, and the level of discussion changes with audience, but the fundamental insights and lessons do not. The result is that every audience has received "customized" training but has gained the same skills and vocabulary to approach the issue.

Leadership Culture Partnership

In addition to providing Leader Development curriculum that can be scaled across the entire organization, we also partner with executive teams to help implement practices and infrastructure to create a self-sustaining, transformational leadership culture through our Leadership Culture engagement.

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