About Leader Development

What Are the Leader Development Partnerships?

Leader Development partnerships elevate the skills, perspective, and effectiveness of current and emerging health care leaders. We use interactive onsite learning experiences to stimulate leadership insight and positive behavior change, and we orient teaching to local priorities and on-the-job application. 

Our Services

We serve clinical and nonclinical audiences at every level, in any discipline, and of any size, aligning curriculum plans with your organization’s unique needs. You can follow a structured curriculum sequence that develops the skills critical to successful leaders or select from our library of 40+ workshops to create a customized program that evolves along with your organization’s needs.

Onsite classroom learning

Our onsite workshops are highly interactive, combining didactic presentations, case study, simulations, and individual and group exercises. We tailor each workshop to address local issues and priorities, including practical application of lessons to real-life challenges.

Action-based and asynchronous learning

We provide application tools for each workshop, as well as online access to review materials, worksheets, and Harvard ManageMentor Plus e-learning modules to extend learning beyond the classroom. In addition, we offer faculty-facilitated application and review sessions, as well as formal project assignments to support on-the-job impact. 

Continuous support

A dedicated service team provides consultation and guidance throughout your partnership to ensure your goals and objectives are met.

Surveys and assessments

We offer 360-degree leadership assessments to identify skill gaps, as well as surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of the workshops and application activities.

e-Learning modules

The Advisory Board Talent Development partnerships offer access to more than 40 focused tutorials through the health care services edition of Harvard ManageMentor Plus, a highly interactive e-learning platform. These modules address an array of common challenges faced by managers in the health care setting and complement our workshops and intensives. 

Deep Experience and Expertise

Our curriculum library is the product of more than 250,000 hours of research and development. To date, we’ve helped develop over 60,000 leaders from frontline staff to the C-suite and delivered more than 14,000 workshops worldwide. Our faculty has a wide range of experience and expertise in health care and leader development.

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