Push staff to top-of-license with the 'Tech-Check-Tech' program

Winner of the 2012 Frontline Impact award

Molly Knostman, winner of the 2012 Frontline Impact award and Pharmacy Central Services Manager at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, reflects on her project.

Prompted by a change in Tennessee state regulations, Molly chaired a committee to implement the "Technician-Check-Technician" ("Tech-Check-Tech") program at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, which allows technicians—instead of pharmacists—to verify medication orders.

After completing a rigorous training and audit process designed by Molly, pharmacy technicians can independently verify medication orders. By increasing pharmacists' ability to provide direct patient care and heightening the education and training of technicians, the "Tech-Check-Tech" program pushes pharmacists and technicians to operate at the top of their license.

The results? Vanderbilt recorded over 170 interventions from the technician verifiers in 2012 and over 330 interventions in 2013, reducing tablet burden and improving patient safety.

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