Coaching Skills Workshop

Developing Frontline Leaders

Course overview

Developing talent is consistently cited as a critical imperative within health care organizations. Without inspiration, direction, and guidance, however, staff at every level of tenure are left undeveloped and underutilized. Whether in service of a particular project or day-to-day responsibilities, the role of a coach is crucial in allowing frontline leaders to fulfill their performance potential.

An integral part of the Frontline Impact program is the opportunity for participants to lead two performance improvement projects that will improve both departmental and organizational performance. This workshop is designed to train organizational leaders to act as coaches for the program participants—guiding them through the process, keeping them motivated, and helping to ensure their success.

The staff development skills taught through this course also will prepare coaches to be more effective leaders in their departments and to address performance improvement needs with confidence.

Learning objectives for participants

  • Guide frontline leaders through the design, implementation, and testing of a performance improvement project
  • Help frontline leaders establish and achieve performance expectations
  • Assess efforts and results as a basis for developing coaching insight
  • Facilitate an open and productive coaching interaction

Course content and teaching methodology

This course incorporates classroom presentation, case studies, and individual and group exercises. The following topics are among those included in this course:

Managing expectations

  • Ensuring thorough preparation and successful execution of all project components
  • Participants evaluate a sample project plan to determine completeness

Interpreting performance

  • Establishing criteria for dissecting outcomes and developing guidance
  • Participants assess a frontline leader’s progress in a simulated project meeting

Navigating the interaction

  • Practicing the skills required to maintain a respectful and actionable conversation
  • Participants work through a role play culminating in a group discussion

Implementing the project

  • Outlining project roles and responsibilities
  • Participants are introduced to the project process and support materials

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