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Data-Driven Insights for Your Employee Engagement Strategy

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About the Webconference

Overall, employee engagement has risen steadily over the last three years. However, not all areas have seen equal gains. Frontline engagement is increasing at a faster pace than leader engagement. And, with frontline managers overwhelmed by change, many organizations are looking for approaches to improve engagement, while not adding to managers’ workload, which could have a negative impact on engagement.

Learn more about the trends in employee engagement and how some organizations are rethinking their approach to improving engagement—not by asking managers to do more, but by investing in their skills.

What You'll Learn:

  • Trends in employee engagement nationally—and what drivers continue to be most influential in driving engagement
  • What are the hot spots you should be considering in your organization’s data
  • How some organizations are rethinking the traditional manager action plans for acting on survey results

Presenter: Rebecca Akabas

Additional Resources

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