What is a Talent Development partnership?

Partnering to drive workforce impact and engagement

Our most progressive member hospitals understand that a strategic focus on talent is critical to success. Across the past decade, we have:

  • Enabled achievement among 84,000+ executives, physicians, clinical leaders, and managers
  • Facilitated 18,500+ outcomes-driven workshops tailored to partners’ specific needs
  • Customized strategies for improving employee and physician engagement
  • Collaborated on 7,700+ employee-led improvement projects

In addition, our survey offerings combine best practice research with our technology experience and implementation support. We offer:

  • Health care-specific national benchmarks representing 740,000 respondents
  • Outcomes-focused, health care-specific survey tools for staff and physicians
  • Automated custom results reporting
  • Ongoing performance improvement guidance from a dedicated team of advisors

A Closer Look at Our Approach

Expansive experience and expertise

We have facilitated leadership workshops, research presentations, and strategic planning events in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. We have developed leaders at not-for-profit hospitals, for-profit health systems, public health institutions, military health networks, health plans, academic medical centers, physician practices, ancillary health care organizations, government agencies, and professional associations.

Our fully employed faculty team is a diverse group of accomplished professionals, including hospital administrators, professional educators, accountants, physicians, public policy leaders, military officers, and nurse executives. 

Research-based insights and teaching

Although our work is research-based, it is far from academic. We recognize that individual and organizational transformation requires not only fresh insights and practical tools but also the ability to identify and address underlying motivations and biases that support the status quo.  
With this in mind, we ensure that every research presentation, case study, interactive exercise, worksheet, project assignment, and facilitated discussion has maximum impact on individual participants and the organization. 

Global perspective, local priorities

We adopt each partner organization’s priorities as our own, crafting a talent development plan that is tailored to your needs but firmly rooted in demonstrated best practice. We provide international health care and out-of-industry context and perspective but apply the learning directly to your local circumstances. 

Lasting, real-life impact

Because our approach focuses on the “human factor”—stimulating leadership insights and ownership, motivating positive behavior change, and mobilizing leaders at multiple levels—we not only deliver short-term, measurable gains, but also long term, fundamental shifts in your organization’s approach to leadership challenges.

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