Talent Development

About Talent Development

For rising senior talent

Our accelerated, MBA-style leader development experience equips high-potential leaders to confront current and imminent industry challenges. Learn more about Advisory Board Fellowship.

For key operational leaders

We give leaders the training, tools, and mindset needed to successfully execute the organization's strategy as well as their own individual goals. Learn more about Leader Development.

We bring a dedicated service team with deep experience and expertise to every partnership. Through comprehensive planning, creative program design, research-based insights and teaching, and robust virtual tools, we can help transform your staff into effective leaders. Partnership includes:

Our programs create behavior change and drive real impact

  • Each session includes a powerful call to action
  • Participants spend classroom time crafting a personal plan for applying new skills to pressing challenges
  • Online follow-up keeps learning top-of-mind and prompts regular practice

Our curriculum is based on adult learning theory

  • Pedagogic design based on proven theories of adult learning and behavior change
  • Diverse teaching methods with an emphasis on interactivity and discussion
  • Emphasis on hands-on planning and problem-solving, focused on real challenges

We tailor your workshops to your organization

  • Your service team works with you to create a series of workshops that meet your specific goals
  • Faculty integrate your data and priorities into workshop content