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Strategies to build and grow a comprehensive lung cancer detection program

2021/07/14 14:00:00
2021/07/14 15:00:00

July 14, 2021

2:00 PM - 3:00 PMAmerica/New_York

    About this Webinar

    Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the US . Eight years after annual lung cancer screening was first recommended for certain high-risk patients lung cancer screening rates remain well below those for breast or colon cancer.

    But in good news, nearly twice as many Americans became eligible for annual lung cancer screenings in March 2021 . Additionally, organizations see the value in tracking and managing patient follow-up for incidentally found pulmonary nodules.

    During this session, co-presented by Dr. Bill Mayfield, Chief Surgical Officer from WellStar Health in Georgia, we’ll strategies and best practices to develop and grow a comprehensive early lung cancer detection program.

    Things you’ll learn:

    • The current state of lung cancer detection today, including the recent expansion annual screening guidelines, eligibility, and coverage
    • Challenges that programs must address to increase lung cancer screening rates and ensure appropriate follow up of incidental pulmonary nodules
    • How WellStar developed and maintains a highly successful lung cancer detection program

    Presenters: De Saulet, Advisory Board; Dr. Bill Mayfield, Chief Surgical Officer from WellStar Health

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    The Lung Ambition Alliance, a global coalition with partners across disciplines in over 50 countries, was formed to combat lung cancer through accelerating innovation and driving forward meaningful improvements for people with lung cancer. We do this by advocating for improved approaches in three areas: screening and early diagnosis, accelerated delivery of innovative medicine, and improved quality care.

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