Covid-19 Elective Surgery Cancelation Impact Estimator

Assess the financial impact of canceled surgeries during the pandemic

Many hospitals have canceled or postponed elective procedures to preserve capacity for Covid-19 patients. While necessary, this will create financial challenges for these organizations.

Use this updated estimator to model the volumes and revenue your organization may lose overall and on the service line level during Covid-19. This update incorporates the limiting impact of ICU/CCU bed capacity, non-ICU/CCU bed capacity, and OR capacity across varying crisis acuity levels and hospital capacity scenarios for customizable cancelation and restart modeling.

Through the service line specific cancelation and restart modeling sections of the estimator, you can assess the impact of targeted service line cancelations and restart strategies on the weekly level. This allows you to see not only total volumes and revenue lost, but also the number of weeks required to clear backlogged volumes.

Download the blank Calculator

Download the FAQ guide

In addition to a blank version of the estimator, we have pre-populated four sample scenarios for various hospital cohorts to serve as a starting point for organizations.

These include benchmark data and preliminary results for four hospital cohorts.

1. Average Hospital: National median scenario for all hospitals

Download the Average Hospital Calculator

2. Rural Community Hospital: Median for 1-100 bed hospitals in rural areas

Download the Rural Community Calculator

3. Large Metropolitan Hospital: Median for 500+ bed hospitals in large urban areas

Download the Large Metro Calculator

4. Academic Medical Center: Median for 200+ bed major teaching hospitals

Download the Major AMC Calculator

While the average national pre-filled tool may be used for guidance on baseline outputs, these scenarios involve many variables. Please see the Sample Scenario Overview for further detail on the sources, assumptions, and methodology involved in the pre-populated estimators.

Download the Sample Scenario Overview

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