Outpatient Total Joint Replacement (TJR) Shift Calculator

Assess your risk of outpatient shift for Medicare knee and hip replacements

CMS’s decisions to remove total hip replacement (THA) from the inpatient-only list and approve total knee replacement (TKA) for payment in the freestanding setting are the latest indications that the inpatient setting is losing its status as the central site of care for joint replacements. These decisions have already spurred a rapid increase in outpatient Medicare joint replacement volumes nationwide, but the true impact will vary by provider depending on your specific case mix.

Use the outpatient total joint replacement (TJR) shift calculator to estimate the risk of your inpatient Medicare TKA and THA volumes shifting outpatient. The calculator projects how the shift will affect your program's joint replacement volumes and revenue by assessing the clinical eligibility of your inpatient TKA and THA volumes for outpatient care.

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