Imaging Capacity Modeling Tool

A handy calculator for assessing your imaging equipment and staff capacity

What’s the current utilization rate for our MRI scanners? Based on five-year projected ultrasound growth, will we need to hire additional staff to meet demand? How will new referrals impact our CT capacity?

If you’ve ever asked these questions, our imaging capacity modeling tool has the answers. Use the tool to estimate how future volume growth impacts your imaging fleet and staffing levels.

How to use the tool:


After inputting your imaging activity, capacity, and staffing levels, this tool combines your data with growth assumptions from Advisory Board forecasting tools to calculate your organization's equipment utilization and staff productivity. It can also estimate the scan volumes based on desired utilization and staff productivity rates.

After calculating capacity, the tool generates charts that can be copied and pasted into your own executive presentations.

International relevance:

This tool can be used to calculate imaging capacity for health systems around the world. Please note that the growth estimation section may not be relevant for markets outside of the U.S. because it is based on U.S. data.

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