Covid-19 service line impact guide

A quick-hit guide to the impact of Covid-19 on major service lines

As elective procedures restart, you’ll need to weigh the impacts of Covid-19 on individual service lines. Different services will likely take different paths to volume recovery, face distinct challenges in clearing volume backlogs, and see some unique impacts to longer term demand. 

See our take on the major implications for elective procedures within cardiovascular, orthopedics and spine, general surgery and urology, gastroenterology, imaging, oncology, and OB/GYN. Learn about the top elective procedures by within each service line, the recommended phasing of services based on clinical urgency, barriers to clearing the backlog, and mid- to long-term demand implications. 

Our service line impact guide includes the following service lines: 
Orthopedics and spine 
General surgery and urology 

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