Addressing racism: Resources for health care leaders

A message from Adele Scielzo, COO, Advisory Board

Racism is, in fact, a health care issue. The enduring legacies of structural racism tie communities of color, particularly black communities, to intergenerational poverty. As a result, black Americans are more likely to face the negative social determinants of health, like food deserts and unaffordable housing. They’re also more likely to get sick and die from virtually all conditions—including Covid-19—and less likely to receive quality care. These factors lead to the staggering health inequities that we see in the black community. In our hometown of Washington, D.C., black residents experience a 15-year reduction in life expectancy compared to white residents.

At Advisory Board, we are committed to making a difference against the structural racism that is contributing to real health inequalities in our communities. We want to help you make a difference too. As a start, we’ve gathered a list of helpful resources below. We’re sharing these resources with our staff, and we hope they will be helpful for you too.

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Resources from Advisory Board

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