10 Insights on Reducing Care Variation from Pioneer Health Systems

Executive Briefing on Reducing Care Variation

Reducing unwarranted clinical variation is not a new ambition—organizations have been striving to define and implement evidence-based clinical standards for decades. However new market forces, from margin pressure to consumerism, mean that reducing care variation is now topping executives’ strategic agenda as a mission-critical opportunity.

In partnership with Banner Health, we recently convened clinical leaders from a cross-section of eleven health systems to discuss how best to drive care variation reduction at the scale and speed needed to capture dramatic gains in quality and cost-savings.

This report offers ten insights from the day-long discussion that we hope are helpful to other executives seeking to push the envelope of what’s possible by reducing care variation.

What you'll learn:

  • Tactics employed by leading health systems to scale and evolve their care variation reduction strategy
  • Emerging challenges in matching the pace of deploying new care standards with frontline staff’s capacity for adoption
  • Common pitfalls and workaround strategies for prioritizing care standardization efforts across multiple service lines and care processes

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