Patient Fundraising Program Toolkit

Strategy Development and Implementation Guidance for Grateful Patient Initiatives

Use the toolkit's actionable diagnostics, strategic decision guides, and other resources to launch or enhance a grateful patient program.

Executive Summary

Patients as donors

Patients represent ideal prospects for hospital and health system fundraising teams. These individuals often receive life-changing care and, through their course of treatment, forge relationships with caregivers and develop affinity for the institution. Many patients seek a means to express their gratefulness, including through a philanthropic gift.

Identifying and cultivating prospects and donors among the patient base has become a critical element of many hospital and health system fundraising programs. Crafting a clear strategy and launching a formalized patient fundraising program enables development officers to capitalize on this prospect opportunity and build a robust donor pipeline of grateful patients.

Tools to launch or enhance a grateful patient program

To guide you in these efforts, the Philanthropy Leadership Council has developed the Patient Fundraising Program Toolkit. This toolkit distills best practices in this area into actionable diagnostics, decision guides, and other tools for you to customize and implement a patient fundraising program at your institution.

In the Strategic Decision Guide, you will first determine the goal for your program: Are you launching a new program, or reassessing your current program? Subsequent assessments help you determine institutional readiness for a patient fundraising program, set program vision, or evaluate performance.

The remainder of the toolkit is divided into four chapters representing the primary components of a patient fundraising program:

  • Data-driven identification
  • Referral-driven identification
  • Service inflection
  • Follow-up outreach

Each chapter contains myriad tools to aid you in practice execution and concludes with an accountability plan to map out your approach and assign components across your team.

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