Rightsizing Opioid Prescribing

15 steps for reining in unwarranted prescribing

Opioid Prescribing
Although recent evidence suggests that opioid prescribing volumes are on the decline, experts agree that nationally we are still vastly overprescribing and suffering the consequences. Every day, nearly 115 Americans die from an opioid overdose.

While there are a number of strategies that hospitals and health systems should employ to stem the tide of the epidemic, reining in unwarranted opioid prescribing is the most essential. Provider organizations are uniquely positioned to change prescribing patterns, which can prevent new cases of misuse by reducing the volume of opioids entering the community.

This research report outlines 15 best practices for reducing unwarranted opioid prescribing. While designed for an executive audience, the principles and case studies in this volume are relevant to any hospital or health system member committed to championing safer prescribing practices.

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