Prior Authorization for Physician-Administered Drugs

Reinforce the process to increase revenue capture

Prior Authorization for Physician-Administered Drugs

Prior authorization (PA) processes have long been an administrative burden for providers. In recent years, securing PAs has become even more difficult due to increasing requirements and greater variation in health plan benefit structure. Unless programs continuously update and improve their PA processes, they face lost revenue, delays in patient care, and declines in patient and provider satisfaction.

This research report provides best practices for staffing, process redesign, improving information flow, and working with payers to reduce PA requirements.

You'll learn:

  • How to determine the optimal number, skill mix, and reporting structure for PA staff
  • Opportunities to refine workflows to improve efficiency and reliability
  • Ideas for working with payers to reduce the PA burden

Download the full report to streamline your PA processes for provider administered drugs (aka "Part B" drugs).

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