Oncology referral strategy toolkit

Cancer has long been—and continues to be—a referrals-driven business. But, with limited resources and evolving referring physician priorities, it’s more critical than ever to make sure your referral strategy is targeted, efficient, and effective at building meaningful relationships.

Reference these five areas of opportunities to help you create or update your referral strategy, then dive deeper into each using the selection tool below.

  1. Use data to prioritize outreach
  2. Understand how referring physicians define “high-value” cancer care
  3. Create an effective outreach strategy
  4. Streamline the intake process
  5. Ensure ongoing communication across the continuum

What's inside the toolkit?

You'll find and be able to download:

  • Best practices for each opportunity, along with expert implementation advice.

  • Supporting tools, including market estimators to project volumes, cancer incidence rates, and Medicare share.

  • Case studies to learn how your peers overcome barriers and develop their physician referral strategy.

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