How Markham Stouffville Hospital developed their hospital-to-home program

Reducing avoidable admissions by providing care to complex patients at home

Executive Summary

Markham Stouffville case study cover

Some complex patients need medical care but not necessarily an acute care bed. Yet clinicians sometimes admit these patients to acute care because they worry those patients won’t access the care they need in the community.

The organization

Markham Stouffville Hospital, a 350-bed community hospital in Ontario, Canada, created a hospital-to-home program in 2017.

The approach

Eligible complex but medically stable patients receive care from an interdisciplinary team at home rather than in a hospital.

The result

Within six months of implementing the hospital-to-home program, Markham saw an 80% decrease in ED visits among enrolled patients. Patients enrolled in the program also reported high satisfaction with services, quality of care, and support from hospital-to-home staff.

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