Build Your Workforce from the Outside-In

The nurse leader's blueprint for future staffing

See how four organizations are taking forward-thinking approaches to building their workforces.

Build your workforce from the outside-in

To succeed in the future, health care organizations will need to provide care in the lowest-cost, most appropriate setting—and to do this, they'll need a different complement of staff than in the past.

This study offers a framework for building your future clinical workforce, as well as four in-depth examples of organizations with forward-thinking approaches to staffing.

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When it comes to workforce planning, most nurse leaders start from the “inside”—defining inpatient care models first—and work their way “out” by refining cross-continuum and outpatient models to complement inpatient staffing. But this approach often means patients receive care in higher-acuity settings, and uses more staff and resources than necessary.

How to build your future workforce from the “outside-in”

To thrive under future payment models that demand lower-cost yet accessible care, you need to take the “outside-in” approach to staffing. This means first defining outpatient care delivery models, and only then refining what your inpatient care models look like.

To do this, nurse leaders must ask themselves how they can staff to:

  1. Improve access to the most appropriate care setting
  2. Improve efficiency without compromising quality
  3. Provide more complex services in a lower-acuity setting
  4. Prevent redundancies and gaps in care
  5. Address non-clinical needs impacting health

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