5 strategies for reducing nurse manager overload

5 strategies for reducing nurse manager overload

Nurse managers’ success is critical to driving unit performance and meeting strategic goals. But their ever-expanding workload can feel like a clogged sink, with the tap wide open, overflowing and flooding on a daily basis. What’s causing the flood?

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New Work “Pouring Through the Faucet”

  • Large health system improvement initiatives delegated by senior leaders
  • Multiple requests from other departments and staff, often hidden from nurse leaders’ view

Specific Pinch Points “Clogging the Drain”

  • Hunting down and compiling data for reports and performance analyses
  • Managing staff schedules, incorporating staff requests, filling vacant shifts
  • Back-office work limiting time managers can spend rounding on patients and staff

Check out our infographic to discover 5 executive strategies to help “reduce the flow” and “unclog the drain.”

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