10 Imperatives for Primary Care Today

How leading medical groups compete on primary care innovation

For most multispecialty medical groups, primary care is central to strategy—at the core of organizational efforts to improve patient outcomes, grow market share, creatively meet new consumer demands, and more. As a result, the last several years have seen considerable innovation within the primary care space.

Indeed, many strategies that would have been considered innovative just a few years ago—such as expanded appointment availability or centralized scheduling—are now viewed as baseline expectations for a successful primary care enterprise.

As these strategies have become more common, the goalposts for primary care have advanced. Through new care delivery models, access points, physician compensation strategies, and more, leading medical groups are redefining the standard of what it means to be an efficient, effective primary care enterprise.

Pulling from research conducted across the Advisory Board, this report discusses those new standards, highlighting 10 imperatives to advance primary care today.

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