Integrated Medical Group Benchmark Generator

Tool Basics


Net investment, cost and revenue benchmarks by specialty for employed medical group practices

Suggested users

Financial and operations executives, strategic planners, practice managers, data analysts

We often hear that health system sponsored medical groups face significant financial scrutiny, yet they often fail to accurately assess their financial and operational performance relative to their peers. Most available benchmarks do not correctly assess top-level metrics and fail to compare groups against peers with similar structure and strategy. 

That's why the Medical Group Strategy Council has gone to great lengths to assemble a reliable set of benchmarks for medical group leaders. Our Integrated Medical Group Benchmark Generator tool provides national benchmarks on group performance metrics taken from organizations across an array of financial, productivity, compensation and staffing measures. 

Data for the tool is collected at a granular level to account for structural and strategic differences between groups and thus allow for customizable comparisons on metrics including net investment per physician, medical group revenue, provider expense, and group overhead. 

Users may view benchmarks for the entire cohort, or customize the display based on individual group characteristics. Additionally, organizations that participated in our benchmarking survey are able to see their own performance alongside the benchmarks. Click Access the Tool below to begin exploring the data today!

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