Advanced Practice Provider Practice Impact Calculator

Conduct a cost-benefit analysis

Tool Basics


Data associated with physician productivity, APP hiring, and APP utilization


Five-year net revenue projection

Suggested users

• Practice managers
• Data analysts

There are significant costs associated with bringing an advanced practice provider (APP) into a physician practice, from onboarding and credentialing to lost physician productivity while APPs are being trained. Once an APP is fully trained, however, the addition means a low-cost, well-reimbursed care option for the practice—plus increased overall productivity.

So how can you weigh these costs and benefits to determine what's best for your practice? Our interactive tool calculates your projected revenue over five years, providing insight that will help you balance all considerations when assessing the pace of training an APP.

Enter your current physician productivity and associated revenues; anticipated APP workload and associated revenues; estimated APP hiring, onboarding, and training costs; and anticipated division of roles across the care team. The tool will analyze this data to calculate a five-year net revenue estimate for your practice with the addition of APPs.

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