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Our priorities are your priorities—our member-driven research initiatives fuel reports, presentations, and decision guides to help you: (1) understand how customers make decisions, (2) optimize sources and uses of medical evidence, and (3) drive more productive conversations around value.

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Our value story

Download our research briefing to learn more about the top 10 issues that warrant further research, helping to shape our 2019 research agenda.

Life sciences executives are faced with a difficult challenge—they have to clearly articulate product value in ways that resonate with different customers. Oftentimes, they are operating at the intersection of clinical research and customer engagement, and are working on competing timelines and value frameworks.

We spoke with 75 medical leaders across pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic firms to discuss their most pressing issues—and over 50 themes and priorities surfaced.

Membership Features

Member-Driven Research

Solicit your input on what topics to prioritize each year and get feedback on research approach and questions

Dedicated Service Advisor

Engage regularly with you to support dissemination of key learnings, and hear what you want for future research

Expert Commentaries

Distill signal from noise, with attention to salient implications of major trends and news (e.g., primers, market scans, policy briefs)

Intimate Cohort Roundtables

Foster action-oriented conversations with experts and peers grounded in our latest research findings

Cross-Industry Summits

Convene payer, provider, pharmacy, and life science leaders for honest dialogues about value and partnership

Virtual Roundtables

Receive our latest research findings and meaningful discussion between medical affairs leaders across the country

Meet our experts

“One of the things I’ve always admired about Advisory Board is the story behind the data. You understand it, but you’re not part of it. That kind of stuff speaks to health care professionals. The advantage I see for Advisory Board is that you’re also not trying to do medical affairs. You are trying to make medical affairs better.”

—VP, Medical Affairs, large pharmaceutical firm

Each year, our research experts are invited to speak at industry conferences across the country. At EyeForPharma19, we delivered a standing-room only presentation, “How Payers and IDNs Think About Value and the Data They Trust to Make Decisions.”

This presentation was so popular, we received multiple requests to share the slides. Download the presentation to get a glimpse into the kind of research our team produces. Fill out the form above if you’re interested in connecting with our experts and hearing more about our research.

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