Unlocking the Value of Network Integration

From silos to a coordinated organization

Learn how to activate network coordination and align core services for value-based competition.

The integration mandate

Demographic and market forces—population aging, accountable payment models, and physician employment, among others—are extending provider organizations’ accountability well beyond acute care episodes. To grow in this environment, hospitals and health systems will need to:

  • Ensure convenient access to services
  • Deliver high-value episodes of care through standardized, coordinated care
  • Retain patients in-network across sites and services

To achieve these new objectives, leaders and staff must integrate strategy development and execution across multiple dimensions, including service lines, the care continuum, and sites of care. 

Yet, many well-intentioned efforts to do this fail to produce sustained coordination because they do not address the underlying causes of collaboration failures.

Read this research briefing to learn:

  • How to integrate strategy development and execution across multiple dimensions
  • Ways to address the underlying causes of collaboration failures
  • The five elements of an integrated network

A closer look: 5 elements of an integrated network

In addition to the above publication, we have created a series of research briefings on five key elements critical to network integration.

1. Shared vision: Focus leaders, administrators, staff and partners on a common purpose by building a shared vision that conveys the strategic direction of the organization in a meaningful way to stakeholders.

2. Accelerated decision making: Empower stakeholders with participatory processes and clear metrics for developing shared strategy and decisions.

3. Catalyst leaders: Equip new and existing leaders to build relationships and drive change across the organization.

4. Aligned incentives: Measure and reward performance on shared goals for leaders, staff, and physicians.

5. Coherent brand: Develop a coherent, benefits-focused brand strategy to communicate how shared efforts benefit patients.

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