How Should You Measure Market Share Today?

Hospitals require a new definition of market performance

Your new health system ambitions require a market share model that provides a more integrated view of overall health system economics. Learn more about the Advisory Board's Total Share model and expand your view of market share to include three critical categories:

Executive Summary

For much of the last decade, utilization and price growth encouraged organizations to pursue growth tactics singularly focused on high-margin, high-volume, primarily inpatient procedures. Measuring market share for these services therefore became the best way to evaluate competitive position.

Such a view of market share will prove too limited in the new health care economy. Most hospitals and health systems now operate in environments where inpatient utilization and price growth have slowed. Purchasers of all kinds continue to push back against questionable utilization and reclaim pricing leverage. A strategy focused solely on growing profitable volumes will prove less and less viable over time.

To grow in this new environment, health care provider organizations will need to compete not as hospitals but as integrated health systems that work seamlessly with physician partners to meet patients’ needs across the continuum. Your market share assessments must therefore be more sensitive to these goals.


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