What Do Consumers Want from Orthopedic Care?

12 insights from our Orthopedic Care Consumer Choice Survey

We surveyed nearly 2,000 consumers—here's what we learned.

What Do Consumers Want from Orthopedic Care

Technology advancements and payer steerage are shifting orthopedic volumes to the outpatient setting. But that’s not the only reason your inpatient volumes are at risk. Our survey found that one-third of consumers are playing an active role in choosing their orthopedic surgeon. This means that a physician referral strategy is not enough to grow patient volumes. You also need a consumer strategy to win orthopedic business today.

We asked nearly 2,000 consumers about their orthopedic surgical care preferences, particularly for knee joint replacement and sports medicine surgery. To help you build your consumer strategy, this research briefing will explore how individuals select orthopedic providers and what factors drive their decisions.

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