Outpatient Imaging Market Estimator

Estimate the demand for outpatient imaging services in your local market

Tool in Brief


Generate exam-specific outpatient volume projections for any set of US zip codes or counties

Suggested users

Hospital executives, radiology service line leaders, business planners, analysts

Type of Tool

Web-based, Calculator/Forecaster

Estimated Time to Complete

Five minutes

Required inputs

Zip code or county definitions

Tool outputs

Estimates of imaging services by modality, organized Advisory Board service line hierarchy

The Outpatient Imaging Market Estimator is designed for hospital executives, imaging service line leaders, business planners, and analysts to generate exam-specific outpatient volume and growth projections for any set of US zip codes, counties, or states.

Using this tool, users can see current and projected volumes, as well as five and ten year growth projections, broken down by modality and sites of care. Users can also filter the estimates by demographics and sites of care.

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