Streamlining Imaging Access

Tactics for imaging leaders to grow market share by meeting consumer expectations

Get three steps for building an access strategy that provides your patients with convenient and reliable service.

Optimizing Outpatient Imaging Access

Because imaging often serves as the hospital's "front door," seamless access is at the heart of its value proposition. According to a recent member survey, access is the most important competitive factor in any imaging market, and poor access the single biggest detriment for patients seeking an imaging provider.

This study outlines three critical steps for improving imaging access to keep up with the evolving expectations of your consumers. We've provided tactics to walk you through each one, as well as a suite of downloadable tools and resources to help you take action.


Uber, Instacart, and . . . imaging?

Consumer expectations for instant access are affecting all industries, from Uber's impact on transportation to Instacart's grocery delivery capabilities. These companies are innovating traditional business models by finding new ways to meet market demands for convenience.

In many ways, health care is no different. Consumers are frequenting retail clinics and using telehealth services. Inability to meet new access standards won't just negatively affect imaging—because imaging often results in downstream care for the health system, imaging access breakdowns can causes volume leakage and stall system revenue

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