Capturing Interventional Radiology's Growth Potential

Strategies to deliver exceptional patient care and build sustainable growth

As demand for interventional radiology (IR) grows, so do opportunities for health systems. IR programs can provide lower-cost, high-quality, and more consumer-friendly procedures for patients, providers, and payers.

Five-year growth projections for outpatient IR procedures
Interventional radiologists increasingly critical to everyday care

To achieve success in IR, programs should address IR's two main stakeholders. First, you must create a patient-centered IR program that delivers exceptional IR care. Second, you must work with health system leadership to build a sustainable IR growth strategy.

Below we offer resources and tools for achieving these goals. However, a key prerequisite for success in these two areas is dedicated leadership that represents and promotes IR's role within the system. While successful IR programs have varying ownership models, they all share three common hallmarks: 1) an administrative leader specifically focused on IR strategy and operation, 2) an IR physician champion with an appropriately scoped role, and 3) formal collaborations with complementary service lines.

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