How AdventHealth quickly redeployed staff during Covid-19

Lessons from the experience to sustainably continue the practice


AdventHealth case study cover

The challenge

As AdventHealth saw an increase in its Covid-19 cases, the system needed to develop a strategy to efficiently redeploy non-clinical and clinical staff from areas temporarily experiencing lower demand to those experiencing higher demand.

The organization

AdventHealth is a large nonprofit health care system based in Altamonte Springs, Florida. It employs 80,000 staff members and operates 45 hospital campuses and hundreds of care sites in nine different states, reaching over five million patients annually.

The approach

AdventHealth rapidly developed a desktop and mobile-friendly app in Microsoft SharePoint for department leaders and staff that allows users to: 1) capture departments who may need additional staff due to Covid-19 activities; 2) identify areas of decreased demand due to limited need for services or temporary department closures; and 3) redeploy impacted employees across the system.

The results

During its first surge of Covid-19 cases, AdventHealth redeployed 1,800+ staff members per day. Being able to redeploy staff not only helped address staff needs in areas of higher demand, but also minimized staff redundancies, making furloughs during the first influx of cases unnecessary. Since the tool’s first rollout, the organization has replaced it with a more sophisticated version, built in Microsoft Power Apps, called “Talent Match.” Talent Match has an improved user experience compared to the organization’s first tool.