The Executive's Guide to Engaging Staff

addressing the needs of rising-risk patients

It’s no secret that executives play a pivotal role in driving engagement across the organization. Across more than a decade of research on employee engagement, and our work with the hundreds of organizations that use Advisory Board’s engagement survey, we find there are three ways executives from top-performing organizations differentiate themselves in driving engagement across the organization.

1. They give as much executive attention and energy to employee engagement as they do to other business imperatives such as operating margin and clinical quality.
Read more on how to formalize executives' accountability for employee engagement on p. 2.

2. The intentionally invest in targeted support to help frontline managers better engage their teams.
Learn how to triage three groups of frontline managers and get guidance on the targeted support they need on p. 3.

3. They don't just make themselves visible across the organizationthey deliberately put themselves in staff's shoes when communicating with the front line.
Learn more about scaling executive visibility while also ensuring each executive-staff interaction generates meaningful dialogue on p. 6.

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