The Behavioral-Based Interviewing Toolkit

A Six-Step Path to BBI Success


It’s easy to understand the enthusiasm for behavioral-based interviewing and its power to predict future job performance. But implementation can be tricky—requiring extensive time, resources, and training efforts.

Use this toolkit to help you cut through the complexity and take the six steps needed to design, introduce, and sustain BBI at your institution.

We have a whole range of resources to take you from start to finish. HR leaders, start here. Hiring managers, see our guide just for you

Step 1: Understand the what and why of BBI

See why so many organizations are using the technique, what’s involved, and our answers to the most frequently asked BBI questions. Learn more

Step 2: Scope your institution’s investment in BBI

Most organizations focus their BBI efforts on positions with the greatest organizational impact. Use our investment barometer to identify which positions at your organization deserve a BBI approach. Find your high-priority positions

Step 3: Develop your interview templates

Learn how to run a BBI-planning focus group, use the Behavioral-Based Interview Builder to translate job functions into BBI questions, and ensure consistent evaluations using our BBI Evaluation Template. Create your templates

Step 4: Train your hiring managers

Make sure your managers are ready to carry out BBI—plan trainings, get role-play exercises, download customizable outreach letters, and test their behavioral-based interviewing know-how. Get training materials

Step 5: Improve your BBI technique

Whether you’re an HR leader or a hiring manager, get tips and scripts to improve your behavioral-based interviews, carry out BBI with multiple interviewers, and set objective evaluation criteria. Fine-tune your interview approach

Step 6: Track results and troubleshoot

See how you can track and report on the quality of new hires and the efficacy of BBI, diagnose common BBI challenges, and get materials to guide your one-on-one coaching and interventions. Ensure ROI

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