The Behavioral-Based Interviewing Toolkit

A structured approach to make better hiring decisions

HR Guide to BBI

When one in three people who leave a healthcare organization have less than a year of tenure, it's fair to assume almost every organization has room to improve their ability to select the right candidates for the role. The challenge is helping your hiring teams make better hiring decisions with the limited time they have.

Behavioral-based interviewing techniques are one, proven way of helping your hiring teams spot the right candidate for the job by using past experience to understand future performance.

This toolkit was designed to give you the insights and resources you need to implement or improve BBI in your organisation. Hiring managers, see our guide just for you.

Want quick answers to the most common BBI questions, or a primer to share with managers? Click here.

Below are the four phases of BBI implementation and improvement, along with corresponding tools to support you and your teams.

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