2019 Medicare Advantage Outlook

Simplify product selection during enrollment in supplemental benefits to drive growth

Medicare Advantage (MA) plan enrollments have grown steadily and now cover one-third of all Medicare beneficiaries. While health plans are eager to take advantage of the favorable reimbursement and relaxed benefits policies under MA plans, the recently expanded open enrollment period and increased number of products available to consumers further stiffens plan competition for enrollees.

Traditionally, plans have used price and quality as their main levers to product differentiation, but these strategies are reaching their limits. Close to 90% of MA enrollees now have access to zero-premium plans and 74% of are enrolled in 4+ star-rated plans. In contrast, only 7% of enrollees have access to products with supplemental benefits. Health plans need to find new ways to differentiate and effectively compete, and new flexibilities with supplemental benefits present an opportunity that most plans are overlooking.

Despite this untapped opportunity, plans leave enrollees to face a number of challenges during product selection of plans with supplemental benefits. For example, enrollees don't know their own future non-medical needs and find benefit information confusing.

Read this report to learn more about the two imperatives for solving these common consumer challenges: use narrowed lists of tailored products with supplemental benefits and pare down the tasks required for product selection.

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Two solutions to enrollee challenges during enrollment in supplemental benefits

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