How to Give Providers the Data They Want

Results from the 2015 Data Sharing Survey

Get three steps to better data sharing with providers.

How to Give Providers the Data They Want

Plans send providers data reports with good intentions of motivating better provider behavior and closing care gaps. However, many providers feel overwhelmed by an onslaught of information, and poorly aligned goals between plans and providers prevent health systems from implementing data in meaningful ways.

This research brief outlines the fundamentals of better data sharing between plans and providers. It presents the results from our 2015 survey of nearly 70 providers and 50 health plan leaders, and offers three steps health plans should take to make sure that providers value and use their data reports.

Providers view data as a burden, not an enabler

Health plans often try to persuade providers to pay attention to their data by sending them more data, which leads to a cycle of frustration between both partners: almost 12% of providers report that there would be a positive impact on their organizations if health plans stopped sending data completely. The time for health plans to overhaul their data sharing approach is now.


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