Provider-supplier partnership profiles

Sales Transformation Support Initiative

Whether you’re selling medical products, IT solutions, or outsourced services, it seems everyone is vying for opportunities to form more strategic, long-term partnerships with hospitals and health systems. But launching, growing, and sustaining new models for working with high-value customers is no easy task.

That’s why we have created a series of partnership profiles for our members—case studies of innovative supplier-provider agreements intended to give you insight into how they formed, why they’re effective, and the results they’ve achieved to date.

While each of these case studies is multifaceted—demonstrating there’s no "one-size-fits-all" approach to collaboration—they share many of the same common elements, such as:

  • Trust between individuals that lays the groundwork for business-to-business relationships

  • Infrastructure to support collaboration, information sharing, innovation, and risk-taking

  • Aligned incentives that encourage the right set of behaviors for meaningful relationship-building

Access these profiles to explore the key elements of successful customer partnerships and inform the strategies that are right for your organization.

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Sales Transformation Support Initiative