Bundled Payment Resource Series

Prepare for success in the world of alternative payment

Get a breakdown of what "bundled payment" really means—and why it matters.

With its Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) mandatory bundled payment program, CMS has laid down a marker for value-based payment.

All providers must pay attention to this development—CMS is clearly evaluating CJR with a view to national expansion as well as the potential for similar mandatory bundles for other conditions.

Beyond Medicare's programs, bundled payments also have a wide variety of business implications across Medicaid and commercial payer segments.

Success under bundled payments requires a multifaceted strategy—you'll need to build effective partnerships with specialists, ensure efficient post-acute episodes, optimize the supply chain, and achieve care pathway standardization.

We've compiled our best resources on each topic to help leaders prepare a path to success in the world of bundled payments. Read more about each resource below, then download them to get the comprehensive strategies.

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