The Hospital Benchmark Generator

A one-stop-shop for all our finance, utilization, and quality benchmarks

Get "apples to apples" comparisons without the hassle. See how your organization's performance on finance, quality, and utilization metrics stacks up against a custom cohort of your choice.

Tool Basics

Suggested Users

• Hospital executives
• Planners
• Analysts
• Finance leaders




• Performance data presented in deciles (inline data also available for hospital providers)
• Finance, quality, and utilization statistics by service line, sub-service line, and MSDRG
• Downloadable graphical benchmarks

With our Hospital Benchmark Generator, you get instant access to Medicare benchmarks for financial, operational, and quality data without the hassle. Simply choose your desired cohort and view the benchmarks (in deciles) with your organization's data displayed in red.

We'll continue to incorporate new data and add new metrics over time. Want to suggest a benchmark? Email us at and we'll see what we can do.

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