Medicare Risk Strategy: ACO programs, Medicare Advantage, and the future of risk-based payment

Are you ready for the new rules of risk? Learn the three steps to establishing an intentional Medicare risk strategy.

medicare risk strategy

As CMS’s menu of alternative payment models continues to grow, hospital, health system, and physician group leaders find themselves confronting major Medicare contracting decisions. While some have questioned the financial viability of the ACO programs, the pressure to take on risk is only increasing as CMS implements MACRA. And in many markets, the Medicare landscape is shifting as more beneficiaries enroll in private Medicare Advantage plans.

Given the strong bipartisan support for payment reform, the continued rollout of MACRA, and the growing popularity of Medicare Advantage, developing an intentional Medicare risk strategy is more important than ever before.

This study explains how to navigate the Medicare ACO programs, expand into the Medicare Advantage market, and ensure the longevity of your Medicare risk strategy by actively cultivating contracts over time.

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