How Covid-19 will impact perceptions of health care

Insight into how the public will view the main players in the industry

How Covid-19 will impact perception of health care

Covid-19 has brought the U.S.'s health care system squarely into the judgmental eye of the American public. Heroic but fallible, the vast tapestry that is our country’s largest industry is more than ever the subject of serious debate from the quarantined dinner table to the White House situation room. With every news story or personal experience, public attitudes ebb and flow.

Amid all of this change, we may ask who is making better impressions, who worse, and what lasting impact might these changes truly have. To understand these shifts in public perception, Advisory Board has analyzed public polling and media coverage, spoken with experts and stakeholders across the industry, and considered a range of possible developments across the coming months.

Read our take to learn how Covid-19 will impact perceptions of health care. For additional Advisory Board takes on the long-term implications of Covid-19, click here.

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