12 Things CEOs Need to Know in 2018

The top insights that will drive health system success

Get 12 key insights on the future of delivery system reform, avenues for radical growth, and how to partner with physicians on enterprise cost control.

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This past year saw a new administration in the White House and a push to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). But the forces shaping the health care industry predated these events and will continue regardless of the political climate.

As the industry prepares for yet another round of transformation and increasing margin pressure, ensuring that the physician enterprise keeps pace with change is crucial. Systems need to embrace nontraditional partnerships and identify disruptive business models to stay ahead of the market. As reform threatens already-faltering cross-subsidies, identifying new sources of growth is more important than ever before.

Below we share 12 key insights for senior executives working to drive health system success in 2018.

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