Customized Assessment Portal

Access your organization-specific analyses in one location

Tool Basics

Suggested Users

Hospital executives, planners, analysts, finance, quality, and service line administrators.

Type of Tool

A collection of web-based calculators/forecasters, decision guides, and benchmarking/survey tools.

The Customized Assessment Portal provides a direct gateway to pre-populated, customized analyses highlighting the financial impact of various payment policies at your facility and enabling direct performance comparisons to similar organizations.

Assessments Included:

  • Hospital Benchmark Generator
  • Pay-for-Performance Customized Assessment
  • Care Coordination Episode Profiler
  • Post-Acute Care Pathways Explorer
  • Post-Acute Care Transfer Impact Assessment
  • Avoidable ED Utilization Assessment
  • Length of Stay Opportunity Assessment
  • Oncology Length of Stay Assessment
  • Cost Reduction Opportunity Assessment
  • Physician Variation Opportunity Assessment
  • Medicare Inpatient Payment Assessment
  • Medicare Market Share Assessment
  • Oncology Medicare Market Share Assessment
  • Medicare Opioid Prescription Assessment

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