CV Medical Readmissions Reduction Toolkit

A comprehensive guide to lowering your readmission rates

Reducing your hospital's readmission rates can seem like an overwhelming task—but it doesn't have to be. Knowing the pain points for CV programs is half the battle. That's where the toolkit comes in. We've compiled resources to help you isolate and correct factors contributing to readmissions for medical CV patients (e.g., HF, AMI) across five critical stages in the care of your patients.

What's inside the toolkit?

You'll find and be able to download:

  • Best practices for each stage of care, along with expert implementation advice.

  • Supporting tools, including readmitted patient interview forms, heart failure clinic staffing benchmarks, a PAC provider report card, teach-back scripting, and more.

  • Audits to benchmark your performance and learn where you can focus to inflect change.

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