About Advisory Board Research

Your go-to resource for proven and actionable guidance in health care

For more than 35 years, we've helped executives work smarter and faster by providing clarity on health care's most pressing issues—and strategies for addressing them.

With a team of 350 health care professionals and a network of 4,400+ member health care organizations, we’re able to harness the industry’s most successful, progressive ideas and share those best practices with you, along with the guidance, tools, and implementation resources you'll need to take action.

As of November 17, 2017, Advisory Board research division has a new home within OptumInsight. While this marks an exciting new beginning, our commitment to objective research and member confidentiality remains the same. Learn how we can help you:

  • Develop market-leading strategy with proven guidance to ensure your organization is taking the right strategic direction
  • Accelerate performance improvement with personalized access to right answer, including how-to guidance for translating that strategy into action for all stakeholders
  • Enhance team effectiveness with ready-made resources and on-call experts to enable leaders to do more with less

How it works

We share our research in many ways. Whether you prefer reading, listening, or discussing live, you get a steady stream of updates and insights from our team, as well as opportunities to connect with members addressing the same issues. These include:

  • National member meetings featuring new research and networking forums
  • On-call expert consultations
  • Forecasting and benchmarking tools
  • Research studies exploring industry trends and proven strategies
  • Expert videos, live webconference presentations, and an on-demand archive
  • Expert-led presentations on the ground at your organization
  • Daily Briefing newsletter featuring can't-miss health care news and resources
  • Membership email updates
  • Expert blogs on key health care topics

We tailor our partnerships to each organization's goals, market, and culture, combining best practice research with the analytical power of our technologies and the hands-on support of our experts to address your most complex challenges.

Find your right fit

Our research programs are role-specific to provide the exact insights and resources that will make your job easier. We offer research for:

Health system, hospital, and medical group executives

Chief executive officers
As the Advisory Board’s flagship research program, the Health Care Advisory Board provides CEOs and their executive teams with the strategic guidance, tools, and implementation support needed to win market share, protect margins, and drive population health ROI. | Learn more

Chief financial officers
The Financial Leadership Council helps hospital and health system finance executives navigate everything from tightening margins and patient price sensitivity to the continued growth in new payment models. | Learn more

Chief medical officers
The Physician Executive Council is a strategic partner for chief medical officers, helping physician executives and their teams achieve high-quality, low-cost care. | Learn more

Executives charged with care transformation
The Population Health Advisor program helps executives prioritize care transformation investments, set realistic strategies, and create detailed action plans for specific population health initiatives. | Learn more

Executives driving service line strategy
The Service Line Strategy Advisor team works with planners and hospital executives to uncover viable growth opportunities, prioritize clinical investments, and position services effectively through highly customized, consultative projects. | Learn more

Hospital and health system information technology executives
Health Care IT Advisor serves as IT leaders’ trusted source for reliable market insight, expert guidance, and staff training. We bring business value to your IT enterprise by helping you set strategy, optimize IT investments, and educate your staff and non-IT colleagues. | Learn more

HR leaders
The HR Advancement Center provides strategic workforce guidance for HR executives, tactical implementation support for HR staff and operational leaders, and health care-specific benchmarks to inform HR strategic planning. | Learn more

Nurse executives
The Nursing Executive Center supports nurse leaders in shaping strategy, transforming the clinical workforce, and improving outcomes—all while facing greater margin pressure, rising care complexity, and a growing list of nursing-sensitive measures tied to reimbursement. | Learn more

Philanthropy executives and their development teams
The Philanthropy Leadership Council helps development teams maximize existing donor relationships, cultivate new ones, and demonstrate their impact to executives and prospects. | Learn more

Strategic planners and their teams
The Market Innovation Center helps executives set their growth strategy by providing a forecasting platform to model future scenarios, evaluating new services and competitors, and offering organizational-effectiveness and stakeholder-influence tools. | Learn more

Integrated medical groups
The Medical Group Strategy Council helps executives build the medical group of choice in their market by meeting consumer demands and improving physician engagement leadership, communication, cohesion, and transparency at all levels. | Learn more

Independent medical groups
The Physician Practice Roundtable strengthens independent physician organizations—ranging from primary care to multispecialty to specialist-only medical groups and IPAs—by helping them set strategy, apply best practices, and engage physicians in new care delivery models. | Learn more

Service line leaders

Cardiovascular leaders
The Cardiovascular Roundtable is CV administrators’ partner for high-value CV care. Areas of focus include setting leadership structures; maximizing physician relationships; building the CV network; addressing readmissions penalties; and managing chronic, comorbid patients. | Learn more

Imaging leaders
The Imaging Performance Partnership equips imaging leaders to address critical issues including price scrutiny, risk-based payment, integration across care sites, access, and quality improvement. | Learn more

Oncology leaders
The Oncology Roundtable helps leaders transform cancer program performance with research on everything from program growth, staffing, costly accreditation requirements, and palliative care to physician alignment, patient financial navigation, and more. | Learn more

Pharmacy leaders
The Pharmacy Executive Forum partners with pharmacy leaders to address their most pressing concerns and achieve their business and clinical goals. | Learn more

Health care industry service providers and suppliers

Industry service providers
The Health Care Industry Committee helps service providers understand the challenges and market forces facing hospital and physician leaders—and how those providers are shifting their spending and investing priorities, their expectations for workers, and their approach to specialty services. | Learn more

Industry suppliers
The Clinical Innovators Council translates the hospital market for industry suppliers, providing the research, data, and customer insight needed to compete effectively. | Learn more

Health care architects, designers, and real estate firms
The Facility Planning Forum provides insights and decision-support resources to elevate firms’ marketing, strategic planning, and business development functions. | Learn more

Health plan executives
The Health Plan Advisory Council arms members with the insights and tools needed to align with members, purchasers, and providers—and become the health plan of choice. | Learn more

IT solutions providers
The Health Care IT Forum gives IT solutions companies a window into the health IT needs of providers, payers, and consumers—and helps them respond accordingly. | Learn more

Law firms
The Health Care Law Roundtable provides law firms with the insights and decision-support resources needed to enhance their marketing, strategic planning, and business development functions. | Learn more

Post-acute care providers
The Post-Acute Care Collaborative helps PAC providers navigate delivery system and payment reform challenges while strengthening their referrer relationships and care quality. | Learn more

Clinical service providers
Clinical Service Innovators provide actionable guidance and decision-support resources to help providers elevate their marketing, strategic planning, and business development functions. | Learn more

Quality reporting leaders
The Quality Reporting Roundtable provides ongoing strategic support and operational insights for all stakeholders involved in CMS quality reporting programs. Our experts provide continuous support on programs including MIPS, APM, Meaningful Use, PQRS, VPBM, and IQR. | Learn more