What is a Research and Insights membership?

Strategic guidance and actionable insights

Our research-driven membership network helps executives worldwide to work smarter and faster. With 300+ industry experts, 200+ customizable forecasting and decision-support tools, and 10,000+ actionable best practices, we provide clarity on health care’s most pressing issues.

A Closer Look at Our Services

National member meetings

Attend one- or two-day presentations to hear our latest insights, refocus on strategy, network with peers, and take home actionable best practices.

On-call expert consultations

Working on a specific project but don’t know where to begin? We connect members directly with our research team to discuss specific problems and mine our wealth of best practices.

Data and analytics

Access an ever-growing suite of forecasting and analytical tools—including calculators, dashboards, Excel-based spreadsheets, benchmarking surveys, and decision guides—designed to help you rigorously evaluate, test, and prioritize investments.

Research studies

Order unlimited copies of any study in our vast research library. These reports profile proven best practices from the nation’s most progressive institutions and offer implementation resources to support the tactics’ adoption.

Live and on-demand webconferences

Accelerate adoption of best practices through hour-long, Web-based educational intensives. Join a live conversation to ask questions of the research team or access a recording of the presentation at your convenience.

Onsite presentations

Once a year, host senior Advisory Board faculty at your institution to deliver a presentation of particular relevance. These sessions inform and engage large groups of employees, often as part of internal planning sessions, seminars, board meetings, or retreats.

Daily Briefing

Receive a daily email compilation of all the health care news you need to know, including legislative updates, industry trends, executive movement, and Advisory Board insights.

Membership email updates

Subscribe to bi-weekly program updates announcing new research, best practices, tools, and upcoming events.

Video and multimedia presentations

View expert videos and access our research in an interactive multimedia format with the flexibility to skip directly to the profiles of practices most relevant to a specific issue.

National meeting webcasts

Unable to attend our national meetings in-person? View webcasts led by Advisory Board faculty; stream the content live or access archived presentations.


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