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Erin is a researcher with Advisory Board’s Imaging Performance Partnership, which provides best practice research and strategic guidance to imaging leaders and radiologists. Erin’s primary areas of focus include policy analysis, imaging appropriateness, and outpatient growth strategy. She has also authored and presented work on interventional radiology and financial sustainability for imaging service line leaders and radiology group executives.

Erin holds a BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Richmond. Prior to joining Advisory Board in 2013, Erin conducted research in Richmond’s Biology Department. She studied the prevalence of the bacterium resulting in Lyme disease, integrating field and lab data to examine the public health risk of tick-transmitted diseases.

Areas of expertise

Imaging, Service Lines, Service Line Growth, Volume Growth, Strategy, Payer and Regulatory Policy, Market Trends, Utilization, Efficiency, Performance Improvement, Clinical Decision Support, Electronic Medical Records Strategy, IT,

Erin Lane


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