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December 1, 2022

'30 Under 30' rising stars in health care, according to Forbes

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    Forbes on Tuesday released its annual "30 Under 30 in Healthcare" list, which includes entrepreneurs and scientists under the age of 30 who are "working to expand access to care and to treat and cure disease."


    For the list, Forbes accepted nominations from the public. To be eligible for the list, candidates had to be under the age of 30 on Dec. 31, 2022, and never named to a 30 Under 30 list.

    The final 30 are selected by expert judges in the field. This year's 30 under 30 health care list was finalized by four health care industry leaders:

    • Victor Lopez-Carmen, cofounder of the Ohiyesa Premedical Program at Brigham and Women's Hospital and alumnus of the 2022 list
    • Michelle Davey, cofounder and CEO of Wheel
    • Hemant Taneja, managing partner of General Catalyst
    • Helen Sabzevari, president and CEO of Precigen

    "Unconventional thinking is at the heart of Forbes' Under 30 list, and amidst war, market crashes, and layoffs, tomorrow's brightest minds continue to forge new paths forward," said Steven Bertoni, assistant managing editor at Forbes. "Many of the honorees on this year's list derived these innovated business models during the Covid-19 lock down are reimagining the ways we consume media, approach reproductive health, fight global warming, and play games, and so much more."

    Forbes' 30 under 30 in health care

    This year's list honors the following trailblazers in the health care industry:

    • Dina Radenkovic, 27, cofounder of Gameto, where she has worked to make fertility treatments cheaper and safer by using human stem cells to mature eggs in a lab
    • Amira Barkal, 29, principal founder of Pheast Therapeutics, a cancer immunotherapy company that kills cancer with activated immune cells
    • Aadil Ali, 28, a postdoctoral fellow and clinical scientist whose research led to the development of Traferox Technologies' novel organ transplantation device
    • Alison Burklund, 28, cofounder and CTO of Nanopath, a company that creates rapid diagnostic tests for pelvic and gynecologic infections
    • Jared Dauman, 27, cofounder of Soda Health, who is working to eliminate inequality in the health care industry by providing benefits like transportation fare or debit cards under health plans
    • Mack Mazeski, 29, and Owen Prunskis, 29, founding team members of DxTx Pain and Spine, which helps pain and spine surgery centers limit opioid use and surgery by addressing the causes of back issues
    • Ahmed Elsayyad, 29, cofounder of Ostro, which partners with pharmaceutical company customers to produce software that directly connects consumers and doctors through customized apps and websites
    • Elliot Fisher, 28, cofounder of Curi Bio, a company that uses stem-cell technology to develop organ-on-chip models of human hearts and muscle tissue to test new medications, with the goal of reducing animal testing and making medications safer
    • Ed Gaussen, 28, cofounder of Mantra Health, a mental health care platform that provides services to over 800,000 college students at more than 100 universities
    • Vineet Erasala, 26, Manny Setegn, 26, and Peeyush Shrivastava, 26, who cofounded Genetesis, which developed a biomagnetic imaging tool that lets doctors measure the heart's magnetic field and diagnose cardiac conditions
    • Giovanna Abramo, 29, cofounder and co-CEO of Plenna, a women's health technology platform designed to lower the barriers keeping women across Latin America from accessing sexual and reproductive health care by connecting them to providers for appointments
    • Jessica Chao, 29, cofounder of LingoHealth, which operates a digital health platform designed to help older patients and their caregivers navigate health care in their preferred language
    • Jake Cooper, 28, and Manoj Kanagaraj, 28, cofounders of Grow Therapy, an online therapy platform that has helped around 100,000 patients match with one of 3,000 therapists since it was launched
    • Shu Jiang, 29, an associate professor at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis where she is working to develop statistical methods for precision oncology to improve risk prevention for breast cancer
    • Cavan Klinsky, 26, cofounder of Healthie, which developed a platform millions of organizations and patients use for telehealth and practice management
    • Joe Landolina, 29, cofounder of Cresilon, which developed a single-use, plant-based gel called VETIGEL that quickly stops traumatic bleeding
    • Alfredo Andere, 24, Kyle Griffin, 24, and Kenny Workman, 23, cofounders of Latch Bio, a company that is working to close the gap between scientists and software engineers by allowing them to store and analyze large amounts of data
    • Vincent Lopez, 28, CEO and founder of biotech company Parker Health, and creator of ParkerSuite, a cloud-based platform that improves interoperability between the programs used by health care providers
    • Blake Mandell, 28, cofounder of Transcend Therapeutics, a psychedelic-inspired biotech company that produces accessible medications
    • Niema Moshiri, 29, an assistant teaching professor at the University of California, San Diego, who developed a set of bioinformatics tools to help researchers rapidly process SARS-CoV-2 sequencing data, allowing scientists to study the origins and spread of Covid-19
    • Briana Chen, 28, a researcher and postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University who researches gender disparities in the mental health field
    • Ty Ademiluyi, 27, cofounder of Alaffia Health, which uses artificial intelligence to protect patients from inaccurate medical bills
    • Kevin Parker, 28, cofounder of Cartography Biosciences, a company that is developing treatments that use molecular and computational tools to analyze the body through the lens of the immune system
    • Nikhil Patel, 23, cofounder of Craniometrix, a company that is developing an intuitive Alzheimer's test that can be taken on a smartphone
    • Ankit Gupta, 27, and Jonah Kallenbach, 27, cofounders of drug development platform Reverie Labs, which is working to develop a new generation of drugs that can more effectively treat deadly brain cancers
    • Saumya Sao, 24, cofounder of the Violet Project by Johns Hopkins Medicine, a digital health platform that provides free period packs to the youth of Maryland
    • Gregory Sepich-Poore, 29, cofounder of Micronoma, a company that developed Oncobiota, a patent pending microbiome-based test that can detect cancer early
    • Katie-Rose Skelly, 29, cofounder of Known Medicine, a company that is using machine learning to predict patient outcomes for cancer patients being treated with oncology drugs
    • Felix Wong, 29, an MIT postdoctoral fellow and cofounder of Integrated Biosciences, a company that has developed a platform that helps identify potential drug targets by evaluating cellular stress responses
    • Joan Zhang, 27, cofounder of Arise, a virtual care network that expands access to eating disorder treatment (Forbes' 30 Under 30 in Healthcare List, accessed 11/30; Knapp et al., Forbes, 11/29; Forbes press release, 11/29)

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